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Message from President of Thai Hotels Association (THA)

MICE market is always considered as the group that supplements hotel’s revenue all along. This also includes event arrangement of both international and domestic customers.

Predicting MICE market needs to look up on ‘Asia’ market as usual especially incentive group that has policy to reward its employees, who can create good turnover to reach the target. Usually, each incentive group shall compose the number of travelers no less than 1,000 people, but if the group coming from China, such number may be reach up to 10,000 people per group due to its large population. However, it makes believe that MICE market still helps driving hotel business in 2018 because mostly, the trips have already been allocated and reserved long ago, which this shall help reducing the risk amidst the atmosphere of general tourist market seeming to reserve the room up closer to its actual travel. This makes most hotels hardly estimate the average of occupancy rate in advance.

For domestic conference & seminar market, the government’s supporting scheme plays an important part to make the dream of entrepreneurs come true. The government should have the scheme to encourage governmental agencies to arrange conference & seminar in the country because this market is considered as the main group of customers for regional hotels.

As we pull our efforts to work for the success of Thai MICE, I wish to express my gratitude to the publishers of Thailand Convention and Exhibition Directory, Green World Publications and Marshall Cavendish Business Information, for publishing its vital resource book on Thai MICE.

Ms. Supawan Tanomkieatipume
Thai Hotels Association